Purpose of the impact network

This Impact Network has the following purpose:

  1. to articulate knowledge that is in the public domain in major languages in order to make it accessible to and actionable for as many people as possible: the xy2.wiki programme.
  2. to facilitate local knowledge actors in gaining a livelihood by providing services 'around' shared and accessible content native languages;
  3. to ensure globally and locally a maximal provision of content in a manner that is conducive for knowledge conversion1 and civic participation;

This wiki serves as a Memorandum of Understanding for (local) actors who voluntarily commit to content publishing and exchanging practices that:

The justification for a local content acceleration is given in this report (released on July 18, 2017):

These are the local language publishing, exchanging, reading and (online) writing practices and training that are promoted:
  • The use of #cofogWW, #isicWW, #cpc and #WWlgu hashtags as explained in #Tag Guideline World;
    • The guidelines should be translated in local languages (and be provided via the internet, e-books and printed books);
    • #WWlgu tags should be defined for the localities where each language is spoken, and included in the guideline - see current status at Your community leading sustainable development? #WWlgu for #LocalizingSDGs
    • Printed copies of Local #Tag Guidelines should be distributed to the target group, alongside, or as part of a dictionary for the language.
  • The provision of a local social capital wiki including at least one (local) social capital wiki page for each #tag defined in the Local #Tag Guideline. This page is likely to show up when a tag is searched for, and is for consultation by all using the tags and knowing the language. Periodic updates to this page will be based on important and recent tagged posts. Irrespective of the language of the tagged posts.
  • The provision of training to the local people on using the tags that matter to their livelihood, or for the topics that interest them, when looking for information on the internet, or when they want to express facts or opinion on a topic.

There is a #tag utility story for an EU audience at the EU social capital wiki. The same ideas are valid for all countries and all languages.

Further background for the initiative is available from the Wikiworx Academy pages on Global agreement and Transparency.

Alongside this wiki which focuses on the maintenance of the MoU, there is a linkedin group Issues in the Knowledge Economy where relevant news is bundled. Any linkedin member can join the Linkedin Group.

Information system acquisition in a society wide context: drivers, enablers, players and processes