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At a large scale, in several languages of the world, there is open access to content and data that has been published with systematic #tags for easy discovery #Tag Guideline World
For a few countries and regions, there are structured wikis in which (volunteer) curators systematize content around livelihood topics social capital wikis

Collaborative tagging of topical content is a first step to lowering access hurdles.

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Wiki-based curation and systematization of collaboratively tagged ensures the growth of a knowledge commons base as well as the situation-specific translation into actionable knowledge1 for multiple actors. The livelihoods of these actors involve, in addition to knowledge :
  • the natural environment2;
  • financial assets and liabilities3;
  • material4;and
  • produced assets5.

This Convention serves as a Memorandum of Understanding for people in various professions and functions who contribute to the systematized content commons as part of their day-to-day work6 and as they plan, launch and execute projects7.