The Local Content Accelerator has the following objectives:

  1. to engage a broad community of development and content conversion actors in the articulation and open externalization of public content in the local languages;
  2. to establish low hurdle agreements among cooperating parties so as to achieve a rapid and sustainable dissemination of efficient media-use practices;
  3. to encourage an inclusive discourse about livelihood concerns, among local communities in their local languages;
  4. to promote specific instruments and business models for local knowledge economies.

For public content, these objectives must imply the following:

  1. the cumulative articulation and both global and local visibility of knowledge that is in the public domain, including in local languages;
  2. an improved provision of local services for knowledge conversion, globally and in all languages;
  3. the accelerated provision of services to localize knowledge as part of sustainable livelihood and development initiatives by smallholders.

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