Who can join?

Any person with a commitment to the cause of open and inviolable knowledge commons, and with the ability to contribute to the drafting of this Convention on Knowledge Commons. In principle, when campaigning for the adoption of the Convention, we may like to publish a brief profile of each person who has contributed to it, but if you prefer, we and all members of the Ad Hoc Group will respect your privacy, as indicated in the Privacy Policy.

Please check beforehand that your intended contributions are compliant with the Intellectual Property Rights clauses of the Terms of Use.

Eventually, the Convention will include more fit clauses for the management and provision of the knowledge commons.


So you want to become a member of the Ad Hoc Group and contribute to drafting the Convention on Knowledge Commons?

First tell us, by email to: eb.tuolcegdelwonkatemgarp|ofni#eb.tuolcegdelwonkatemgarp|ofni:

  1. who you are, for instance by sending a link to a profile or personal webpage;
  2. why you want to join, for instance by indicating which concerns you want to guard, for which constituencies; or to which convention articles you want to contribute;
  3. what else you want to contribute?
    1. for instance content to related wikis in which the systematized knowledge commons are constructed.
    2. you could earmark funding for initiatives that further develop the knowledge commons for specific target groups (e.g., farmers in developing countries, support services for SME's, educational resources supporting education for all plans, etc.)
    3. you have plans within your organization to build upon the knowledge commons?

Upon agreement, create a (free) wikidot.com account, send us your wikidot.com login name, and apply for membership to the wiki.

You need to have a Wikidot.com account and be signed to apply for membership.

if you already have a Wikidot.com account


it is worth it and is free